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Abstract.Please read this passage carefully, I will explain of the incidents that I faced shipping my package with apache logistics, and why you should think twice when shipping with this company.I have spent more than 10000 USD for my package only for shipping the cost of the package itself was 400 USD

Recently ordered an apple Iphone 4g online, a company who was selling mobile phones online. This company was based on UK, called Tonia Bastian LTD. And the destination was Kuwait.These people choose Apache Logistics, shipping company for the package shipping.As per the apache logistics shipping Tracker,Departure Date : 11-11-2010 Estimated Arrival Date :14-11-201Actual Arrival Date : DID NOT REICIEVE PACKAGE UPTO TODAY (02-01-2011)

First of all in the initial agreement with Tonia Bastian Limited was for one mobile phone which costs 400 USD and since it was to EID (Muslim festival) they offered one phone free which was very generous of them.I like to quote here that Tonia Bastian companies salesmen are very good at their jobs, instead of shipping 2 phones( one which I bought, and one I got for free) they shipped 20 Phones. So if you want my advice purchasing from Tonia Bastian Ltd simply don't do it, it won't be my first choice at all.The shipping company (Apache logistics LTD)Initially I was not aware that this company has no experience on shipping to Kuwait, and my package was their first time.11-11-2010 : In order to my package to be sent insurance fee needed to be paied, cost 600 USD12 -11-2010 : My package was on hold in Oman, apache logistics came back and asked us for a buyers license which cost me 800 KWDMoney was paid by 14th (Finding money is hard and I do not earn that much )16 -11 -2010 : Apache logistics came back and asked me to pay for the demo rage for the package Amount Sent : 400 USD17 -11-2010 : Apache logistics asked us to pay a fine for late shipment Amount sent: 452 USD01-12-2010 : Apache logistics asked us to pay for kuwaity tax : 1704 USD 05-12-2010 : Apache logistics asked to pay 500 KWD for the Kuwaiti agent in order for him to collect the package from Kuwait port. Ensuring us that the money will be returned to me once the package is delivered to me14-12-2010 : Apache logistics put a fine on the package 200 KWD, apporx 702 USD.28-12-2010: Apache logistics asked to pay for the marine document 310 KWD, and the package will be deliverd30-12-2010: Apache logistics put another fine on the package (80 KWD, 281 USD) and demanded the money if the package needed to be delivered.Below is the mail they sent me: note I have highlighted some statements in red, they ensured the delivery of the package when the fine has been paid, this is the second time they have made the assurance-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA1

Hello Mr Mohamed

This is the final payment that you will need to make to our company,Our Company assures that your package and 600KWD will be deliveredto you today or latest tomorrow morning.

So kindly proceed to make the payment of 80KWD.

May i let you know that this mail counts .

Get back to us via our Gmail account once the payment is made


-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----Charset: UTF8Note: This signature can be verified at Hush 3.0

wpwEAQMCAAYFAk0cRXAACgkQnKDWOxOzxy1DVwP/RLWnE7PTgdH/eT+q2849yc4tCFdbq8+C3YClvR3Ck5pCeT6TwRdkx+8Yp4gGZo2KPDwgCvtNBDo3hcnYpE+K9CTEJYCJ56Z9JJXFADa6n8KVmARz4X0EzxrbnkAat54l4ZoedtOxa0oqXLcu/GiEfHv+1m9qIqgvwYDGgJW/u30==q1zh-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----01-01-2011 : Apache logistics are now requesting for a proof of ownership, claims that this is a new law and they will prepare it for me I have to simply send 700 KWD.Below is the mail they sent to me.;from Apace Logistic sender time Sent at 21:22 (GMT+01:00). Current time there: 08:09. ✆to Mohamed Rizmaan date 1 January 2011 21:22subject Updates On Packagemailed-by gmail.comSigned by

hide details 21:22 (12 hours ago) Hello,

Happy new year,

Am here to inform you about the latest update regarding your order.

A new law as just been made any order from another country must have a proof of ownership, we have requested for the certificate on your behalf due to your honesty with our company, the certificate cost 700KWD you would have to pay this charges then put your signature on the certificate then send it back to us so we can seal the certificate with the package, because without the certificate we won't be able to deliver the item to you.

We really wait your immediate response regarding this issue.

Thank you for your patronage.Ownership Certificate.pdf36K View Download

Summary.As you see the company itself is untrustworthy and unreliable, I have decided to abandon my package since its too much that I can afford.I have paid more that 10000 USD for this deal and ended up with nothing.Apache logistics personnel should not do this to the customers, in fact they should inform us of all the complications that is percent when we did the deal at the first place.They provided me with official mails specifically indicating that the assurance of delivery of the package and every time when the payment is made they come up with new source of payment.I am really disappointed with this company and their negligence to keep their customer informed from the beginning. Putting my trust on the shipping company ended me with losing my apartment which I failed to pay my rent for two months and I was not able to sent money back home which my family totally depend on my salary.

I think that I have proven my point here, if you are even of thinking to ship your goods with this company do not, even if it the last choice you have, its more cheaper to book a flight and personally delivering your packed instead of selecting apache logistics

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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